Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There isn't a better sound in all the world than to hear Hailey giggle! And the things that make her giggle are endless and ever-changing.


Okay, okay.  I have really been slacking on the blog updates.  I promised Bobby this video would be up a month ago....better late than never.  Hailey decided to start walking 2 days after her birthday, and she was running by July 24th.  I'm positive she had help from Grandma Dee, who passed away the day before Haileys birthday.  She loved Hailey more than anything, and the feeling was mutual.  We miss her dearly, but she will always with us.


We were incredibly lucky to have 3 other little kids born within a few weeks of Hailey in our ward.  Their parents have become good friends, and we ended up having a birthday party for all of them the week before Hailey's birthday, and they had a great time! Such a great looking bunch of kids!


Hailey wasn't her normal self a few nights ago.  She was super cuddly and wanted nothing more than to crawl up on Xax's lap and just cuddle.  This is a true rarity, and we have learned to treasure every minute she wants to sit still and spend a few minutes with us.  She is so independant, she doesn't even like you to read books to her.  Needless to say, Xax was in heaven with his little girl completely into spending the night on his lap.  My two favorite people in the whole world!



This post has been a while coming, but it's finally here.  For Haileys 1st birthday, we had a party at the park and invited some of our family and some friends.  She wasn't as into the cupcake as I thought she would be, but she loved the wood chips at the park! Go figure.


These pictures might look like Hailey is super sad or angry, but these are the faces she pulls when you pull out the camera and tell her to "say cheese."


I don't know many 13 month olds that can give knuckles, but Hailey thinks its the best thing ever.  The little boy I tend has been trying to teach her for quite some time, but just this week Hailey has decided that it's pretty cool.  She is way too smart for her own good!