Saturday, July 30, 2011


So, last Saturday, Hailey finally decided she wanted to walk.  She walked about 6 feet from a chair to Xax and that was it for the day.  Sunday, she just took off, and just like that she was a pro and it's like she's been walking forever.  She can turn on a dime and bend and pick things up and she has almost started standing up without holding onto anything.  She is already running away from me when I go to stop her from doing something she knows shes not supposed to be doing!  Video to come as soon as our camera battery is charged.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Today is Hailey's first 4th of July, and I think she's a fan!  We started off the day with the world-famous Hyrum parade, followed by a BBQ at my parents house with my sisters and their families, and the day will be wrapped up with the splendid Hyrum fireworks show.  Hailey loved the parade, as any good citizen would, and had a great time playing with her cousins.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hailey has finally started walking!!  She took seven or eight steps between Xax and I several times today.  Grandma and Grandpa were witnesses.  She is getting more confident with each step, and she is now letting go of things and standing by herself for a couple of minutes at a time.  Its just a matter of time until she makes up her mind to just take off and start running.  Now that its actually happening, I'm slightly dreading it.  Our baby is growing up and that is truely bitter-sweet. 

Today she is officially off of formula and onto real milk.  We have been mixing milk in her bottle for a few weeks, and we ran out of formula last night, and we decided to just stock up on milk! I've actually been looking forward to this day for about 6 months, it just so happened to coinside with her first steps.  Truely a day for the record books!!