Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Haileys thing lately is to wave at everyone and everything.  It's pretty darn funny, especially when she waves to Xax's picture on our computer.  She sure loves her daddy and misses him a lot.

Even with an ear ache, she still tries to be happy!

I am still amazed at how cute she is! She is the spitting image of Xax, and I guess thats not a bad thing, just look at her!

The look says it all! Utterly disgusted.  This one is a classic, for sure!

So Hailey has another really bad ear infection, and for the most part hasn't been happy, but, bless her little heart, she tries so hard.  This was one of those few moments of happiness yesterday.  She is so darn cute, and I have to admit I like the fact shes cuddly when she doesn't feel good, because that doesn't ever happen normally.  She's too interested in getting down and going.  I guess we should count our blessings where we can, right?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I love this little girl more than anything in this world!  How could you not? Look at that smile!

She had just thrown her binky and she was a bit concerned

I love this picture, crazy curls and all.  She went down for a nap after her bath and this was the result!

Hailey thinks shes pretty grown up these days.  While she can't quite pull herself up to things yet, if you stand her next to something she is content for a long time.  A few days ago, I stood her up in her crib and she grabbed onto the side and walked back and forth for 20 minutes.  Now when I go to get her up, she wants to stand and walk.  She is getting pretty darn good.  We bought her a walker and with any luck she'll be walking before too long.  She is no longer content sitting and crawling.  She wants to get to things faster!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Since Hailey has started being a little more patient with me combing her hair, and her hair is getting longer, I'm trying new creations.  Here is today's 'do

You can't see her hair, but look at that face!!